Regulations of using PhotoGames service

§ 1

  1. This service allows adding face photos, that can be used in a computer game.
  2. After adding the face, the user receives a code, which he can use multiple times in games that support faces added in our service.
  3. The face code is active until the user removes the face assigned to this code.
  4. Use of the site is free of charge.

§ 2

  1. Service owner isn't responsible for users' content.
  2. User has to own a permission of person in the photo - permission to upload person's face and permission for each sharing of person's face code.
  3. User content can't contain nudity or violence. They can't offend persons in the photos.
  4. We do not plan to delete user data, but we do not guarantee their maintenance either.

§ 3

  1. User keeps rights to all content uploaded to this service.

§ 4
User's account

  1. The user keeps all responsibility for keeping confidentiality of his username (e-mail address) and password.
  2. User's e-mail address will be used for:
    • informing the user about his actions (changing password etc.),
    • important messages about the service,
    • informing the user about new content in games that are developed for the service.
  3. User's account and it's content may be removed in case of gross violation of any regulation.

§ 5
Commercial use

  1. The service may be used commercially.
  2. PhotoGames service link must be delivered to a client with every face code.
  3. PDF instructions generated in PhotoGames service meet this requirement.

§ 6
Web Browser

  1. The service is optimized for Firefox Web Browser. If the user uses other browser, he does it on his own responsibility.

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